3 comments on “The Intimidator

  1. I have the pleasure of being a good friend of Jack…..and also the pleasure of riding in both of his hot rods…What a thrill it is when he turns it on….I am an old drag racer and hot rodder so it is really alot of fun to get a ride when Jack comes through North Carolina,,,,or excuse me, Mexico.. The latest M3 is super fast as was his older one…..You folks in Iowa need to think twice if you see a blue M3 next to you at a stop light and think for a minute you might be able to take it………Not going to happen!!

  2. Thanks to all at Autowerke. You truly do some of the best BMW work of anywhere in the world.

    I have had more time to adjust and learn how to drive this beast and it will do better than in the video. I sure wish those fenders were wider and I could get a lot more rubber on the road but it will absolutely fly when the peddle is to the metal. I’m running 265s on the rear and need at least 305s but I really don’t want to modify the fenders. The sleeper feel and look is a priority.

    For general video information, I was at 130 (in approx. 12 seconds) when I started to cross into the left lane and the SUV was doing about 70 MPH. There was an operator error on that launch (me) in the video and I had to throttle back to get the tire spin under control which you can hear for a brief moment. It happens so fast it’s hard to get good control on it. With a set of good Nito slicks this thing could do some damage to a 0-60 or 1/4 mile run. Of course I might have to be looking at the rear end if the tires really stuck to the road…LOL

    For reference, a 5 mile per hour roll is usually slower than a standing 0-60 time if you have the tire hook up. I’m not sure what the 0-100 would be with excellent traction but in this video it was about 8 seconds from the roll and no launch clutch action.

    Active Autowerke is undoubtedly an excellent option for BMW performance tuning. You just can’t beat them.

    Jack Galyean

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